Ode to scaffolding in New York

Scaffolding against sky - USE

Oh, scaffolding
Here year after year
In New York City, and everywhere
I wish you would just go away
No pomp, circumstance or fanfare.
Let me go, I see the light
Let me leave your shadow-web lair.

Everywhere I look and walk
Left, right, center
You trap me in, then spit me out
Of course you did, you won the bout.
Everywhere I look and walk
Left, right, center,
I give up, a ruthless rout
You won, it’s done
I’ll become devout.

I’m no Superman, can’t fly past you
I’ve lost, alas! I know the truth
You are none other than
The Man of Steel
(with steel spine)
(with steel will)
(with steel stare)
You do not feel, you will not kneel
The deal is sealed
Your might is real.

You haunt my walks
You plague my strolls
I zig and zag, but there’s a pole.
You make me stumble, you make me spin
Against you I cannot win
If I dialed 311, that’s no cardinal sin
But what’s the point of calling in?
I’m just part of the din…

Of all those people


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